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Best Bandsaw for Resawing: Top 5 for Smooth Work in 2024

Resawing is an invaluable woodworking technique allowing you to get more mileage from every board. To do this, you need a reliable and powerful tool. Several essential features must be considered for woodworkers and DIYers looking for a quality bandsaw for resawing.

The best bandsaw for resawing will have onboard measuring guides, adjustable fences and sliding miter gauges, a strong motor, beveled long tables, and dust collection ports to help you get the most out of your bandsaw.

But with so many options available, choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult. To help you search for the best resaw bandsaw, we’ve compiled a review and comparison chart of six top-rated available models. Check out this guide to find exactly what you need to produce perfect cuts every time.

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Review of the Six Best Bandsaw for Resawing to Achieve Professional Results

A bandsaw is an essential tool for resawing, which involves cutting large pieces of wood into thinner boards. Its versatile design and high-powered motor easily make long, straight, and accurate cuts.

Here are the top six models to help you find the perfect bandsaw:

#1 WEN 10 Bandsaw for Resawing

WEN 10 Bandsaw for Resawing

The WEN 10 Bandsaw is an indispensable ally for woodworking projects. With its adjustable fence, sliding miter gauge, and beveling table, this powerful tool lets you resaw larger pieces of wood with the utmost precision.

Powerful Motor for Professional Cuts

The WEN 10 bandsaw for resawing is equipped with a 3.5 amp motor, providing enough power to make accurate and precise cuts no matter the material. It can cut up to 6 inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide, so you can easily resaw thicker wood or board stock quickly.

Its two-speed settings offer even more versatility since you can adjust the speed depending on what material you are working with, 1520 FPM or 2620 FPM, so it’s easy to customize your projects.

Flexible Features for Accurate Results

This 10″ Bandsaw also has adjustable features that ensure cutting line accuracy. Its adjustable fence allows you to customize your projects as desired, while its sliding miter gauge helps you make straight cuts at any angle from 0°–45°.

Also, its beveling table helps support materials during operation, while its three-in-one dust collection port captures sawdust quickly and efficiently, so your workspace stays clean and organized.

Convenient Operation

In addition to its adjustable features, the WEN bandsaw includes a 25-inch stand for maximum stability and flexible work light with an independent power switch that makes it easier to see what you’re doing when cutting materials in less illuminated areas.

It also has an onboard measuring guide that makes accurately measuring materials easy and ball-bearing operation for smoother performance when making long cuts.

Included Blades

To get started immediately, this bandsaw comes equipped with a 3/8 inch 6 TPI blade that makes accurate cuts through various materials quickly and precisely, so you don’t have to buy additional multiple bandsaw blades upfront if needed.

You can always purchase other sizes later if needed, but this ensures you have what you need immediately without waiting until after purchase.


  • Powerful 3.5 amp motor for accurate and precise cuts
  • Cuts up to 6 inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide
  • Two-speed settings for versatility
  • Beveling long table for material support
  • Adjustable fence and sliding miter gauge for accuracy
  • Ball bearing operation for smoother performance
  • Includes a 3/8 inch 6 TPI blade for immediate use


  • Poorly placed work light makes cutting wood hard in low light

#2 SKIL 3386 9 Inch Band Saw

SKIL 3386 9 Inch Band Saw

SKIL’s 9-Inch band saw is indispensable for the burgeoning woodworker. Boasting a powerful motor and high-speed steel blade for enhanced performance, this reliable saw also features adjustable settings to make crafting projects easier.

High-Speed Steel Blade

The SKIL band saw has a 6 TPI high-speed steel blade that can easily handle tough cuts. This blade is designed to easily cut through even the most challenging woods, making it ideal for larger projects like building furniture or cutting irregular shapes and patterns.

Powerful Motor & Variable Speed

This band saw boasts a powerful 4.5 Amp motor and variable speed control of up to 2,800 SFPM for superior performance on any project. With this impressive power and speed, users can easily make straight cuts in even the hardest materials, including plywood and hardwoods.

Rip Fence & EZ View Blade Tracking

The SKIL 3386 9 inch band saw comes equipped with a rip fence that helps ensure accuracy and precision on each cut made. This fence is adjustable so users can set their desired width before beginning a project for faster setup times, resulting in cleaner cuts every time.

Also, its EZ View blade tracking feature makes alignment easier than ever by allowing users to see exactly where the blade will be cutting before starting a project, an invaluable asset that helps save time while increasing accuracy.

Articulating LED Work Light & Miter Gauge

This 9-inch band saw also includes an articulating LED work light which helps improve visibility when making intricate cuts or working at odd angles in dark areas. With this work light, users can get just the right amount of illumination needed for their task.

Also, this model comes with a miter gauge, allowing users to make cross cuts easily with improved accuracy over manual methods such as using a handsaw or circular saw alone.

Dust Port & Table Dimensions

To keep your workspace clean and tidy after each project is complete, this band saw has a 1-1/2-inch dust port that connects directly to most shop vacuums for quick cleanup without having to sweep away piles of dust afterward.

To top it off, this unit’s table size measures 12 x 11-3/4 inches, giving plenty of space to tackle larger projects while still being compact enough to store away in even the smallest workshops when not in use.


  • Powerful motor speed up to 2,800 SFPM
  • Rip fence for accuracy and precision on each cut
  • EZ View Blade Tracking for easy alignment
  • Adjustable articulating LED work light for improved visibility
  • Miter gauge for crosscuts with improved accuracy
  • 1-1/2 inch dust port for easy cleanup


  • Comes with a low-quality blade installed

#3 Resawing on a 10″ RIKON Bandsaw

Resawing on a 10" RIKON Bandsaw

Are you seeking a quality bandsaw with precise and accurate re-sawing capabilities? The RIKON 10″ Bandsaw is the perfect tool for the job. Featuring a powerful 3.5 amp motor and an easy-to-use safety paddle switch, this saw ensures that your cuts are safe and accurate.

Solid Steel Design for Durability

This 10″ RIKON bandsaw features a solid steel design that ensures long-term durability. Not only does this sturdy construction provide reliability over time, but it also helps reduce vibrations during cutting operations, resulting in quieter operation.

Furthermore, its solid steel build means the saw won’t warp or twist over extended usage, guaranteeing accuracy when re-sawing tasks.

Large Cast Iron Table

The RIKON 10″ Bandsaw has a large cast iron table that measures 24” x 18” and helps promote stability when cutting operations. This sizable work surface allows for easier material movement and manipulation, making it easier to perform accurate re-sawing cuts.

Aside from that, the fence included with this saw attaches directly to the table, so there is no need for additional setup or fine-tuning when switching between materials or techniques.

Micro Adjustable Guide Post

The RIKON 10″ Bandsaw has an adjustable guide post, allowing you to make precise adjustments to correctly align blades with workpieces before cutting. By positioning the blade properly, you can re-saw and do precision cutting with more accuracy.

With micro-adjustment capability and easy setup, users can quickly set up their best band saws for optimal performance every time they use them. Also, the table on this Bandsaw offers versatile cutting angles ranging from 0°-45° allowing users to perform angled cuts as necessary.

Easy Blade Tension Knob

This model features an oversized blade tension knob at the front of the saw to ensure constant tension while executing re-sawing tasks. As a result, users can easily adjust tension settings for their projects without having trouble reaching them whenever they need to make adjustments.

Dust Port & Safety Paddle Switch

In addition to offering fast and precise re-sawing capabilities, this model also considers safety by providing buyers with a dust port attachment point at 2 ½” (O.D.). Also, an easy-access safety paddle switch is located close at hand, ensuring user safety at every step during operation.


  • Solid steel design for reduced vibrations
  • Large cast iron table for easy material movement
  • Micro-adjustable guide post for precise blade positioning
  • Easy blade tension knob for quick and easy adjustments
  • Versatile cutting angles ranging from 0°-45°
  • Dust port attachment point for easy cleanup
  • Easy-access safety paddle switch for user safety


  • Maximum cutting height capacity in only 4.75″

#4 JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Resawing Bandsaw

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Resawing Bandsaw

Professional woodworkers look to the JET 14″ bandsaw for robust and reliable results. Boasting a 12″ resaw capacity and 1500/3000 SFPM blade speed, this blade allows you to tackle demanding projects easily.

Strong and Sturdy Frame

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Resawing Bandsaw has a redesigned cast iron frame that increases strength and rigidity. Its upper and lower ball bearing guides ensure longer blade life while reducing friction.

Furthermore, the high-tension spring design ensures excellent blade tensioning. This means you can rely on this bandsaw to handle even the most demanding cuts without compromising accuracy or performance.

Versatile Control Features

This best 14 inch bandsaw for resawing has several convenient control features. These include a quick-release blade tensioner for added convenience built-in retractable blade guard for versatility. For precision results, this poly-V belt drive system has a blade guide post with rack and pinion adjustment.

Also, the easy-to-view blade tracking window helps keep you safe while working by providing awareness of where your blades are at all times.

Cutting Capacity

The JET bandsaw offers plenty of cutting power and capacity. It has a maximum cutting width of 13 ½ inches and a maximum cutting height of 12 inches, making it ideal for furniture making or cabinetry work.

This sturdy table stands 43 ½ inches tall, allowing you to easily create accurate cuts through thick lumber pieces or large sheets of material like plywood or veneer without worrying about getting too close to the saw’s sharp blades.

Increased Mobility

This bandsaw also comes equipped with an enclosed stand containing storage shelves – making it easy to store extra blades when not in use and move around if necessary due to its smaller size compared to other larger models on the market today.

The overall portability makes this saw suitable for use in workshops, construction sites, or outside events where electrical outlets may be limited or lacking altogether, making it perfect for contractors needing a versatile tool.


  • Strong and sturdy cast iron frame
  • Upper and lower ball bearing guides for reduced friction
  • High-tension spring design for excellent blade tensioning
  • Quick-release blade tensioner for added convenience
  • Built-in retractable blade guard for versatility
  • Efficient poly-V belt drive system for precise results
  • Enclosed stand with storage shelves for increased mobility


  • Top wheel rubbing against housing when using 3/4″ blade
  • Blades with larger bearings can’t retract far enough

#5 Resawing on Delta 14 Bandsaw

Resawing on Delta 14 Bandsaw

Quality craftsmanship and professional results go hand-in-hand with the Delta 14 band saw. Boasting a top-tier heavy-duty steel frame construction, two-speed settings, and blade tracking capabilities make it an ideal choice for those who want flawless cuts every time.

Unmatched Precision for Accuracy

The Delta 14 bandsaw is designed for accuracy and precision. Its oversized precision ground cast iron table allows optimal support and stability while cutting, eliminating any possibility of flexing or inaccuracy.

Its aluminum trunnion table support also adds to its overall durability, ensuring even more accuracy while cutting through different materials. The saw also has positive stops at 90° angles and miter capabilities, allowing users to adjust their angle up to 45° right or 3° left when working on angled cuts.

Highly Versatile Cutting Ability

This bandsaw has a 1 HP single-phase TEFC motor, ensuring powerful performance with minimal energy consumption. It also offers two-speed settings at 1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM for wood and non-ferrous metal, respectively, giving users plenty of flexibility depending on the material they’re working with.

Aside from that, its rubber-coated lower and upper 9-spoke wheels provide excellent blade guidance without compromising accuracy during use.

Improved Blade Tracking Capabilities

With precision ball-bearing blade guides, the Delta 14 bandsaw ensures consistent results. The larger insert allows users to adjust the lower guide throughout the cutting process easier.

And because of its two-speed drive system with toolless belt tensioning, users don’t have to worry about making manual adjustments all the time. This efficient design helps minimize downtime while still providing superior performance when resawing materials like hardwoods or metals.

Maximum Output Capacity

The Delta 14 bandsaw can accommodate up to a ¾ inch blade for larger projects involving thicker material, giving it an impressive maximum output capacity of 13-5/8 inches wide by 6 inches high.

This is perfect for more significant pieces of material that need precise re-sawing jobs done quickly and accurately. And with its 9 amp motor rating, this machine packs quite a punch in terms of power delivery when tackling thicker materials.


  • Oversized cast iron table for stability and accuracy
  • Aluminum trunnion table support for added durability
  • Positive stops at 90° angles and miter capabilities up to 45°
  • Precision ball bearing blade guides for consistent results
  • Toolless belt tensioning for efficient blade changes
  • Accommodates up to a ¾ inch blade for maximum capacity


  • No micrometer adjustability on the blade guides
  • Takes some effort to change speeds

#6 Grizzly Resawing on a 14 Inch Bandsaw

Grizzly Resawing on a 14 Inch Bandsaw

Grizzly offers a 14-inch bandsaw perfect for resawing with its powerful motor and precision abrasive cutting capabilities. This saw is designed to give you maximum accuracy and control when it comes to resawing and ensure you get the most out of your resawing projects.

Powerful 1 HP Motor

This bandsaw from Grizzly is built with a powerful 1 HP motor that can handle any workload you throw at it. With 11 Amps of power and a single-speed cutting speed, you can be sure that this saw will have no issues powering through even the toughest jobs.

Its motor also features pre-wired 110V/220V compatibility, allowing you to use either voltage supply depending on what’s available in your area.

Precision Cutting Capabilities

The precision cutting capabilities of this 14-inch bandsaw are second to none, thanks to its high-speed steel blade and adjustable cutting angle ranging from 0-90°. Its quick-release blade tension lever adjusts the tension quickly and easily, while its cast iron table ensures accurate cuts every time.

Also, the Grizzly resawing on a 14 inch bandsaw blade size can be adjusted between 92 1/2″and -93 1/2″. This allows for a wide range of materials, such as hardwoods and softwoods, to be cut through with ease.

Cutting Capacity & Table Size

With a large cutting capacity height of 6” and its 13 ½” throat depth provides plenty of space for maneuverability while working on larger projects. The 14″ x 14” table gives users plenty of room to work on their projects without feeling cramped or restricted.

Its 45-degree right and 15-degree left tilt allow for intricate cuts without repositioning the material being cut multiple times. Also, the 4” dust port helps keep your workspace clean by collecting any dust produced by the bandsaw, so it doesn’t end up all over your project.

Heavy Duty Stand & Cast Aluminum Wheels

This saw stand has been constructed from heavy-duty material to withstand years of use without losing shape or strength. The floor-to-table height measures 43 5/16″, making it easy for anyone to operate this machine comfortably without strain or fatigue, regardless of height or reach distance.

Ease Of Use & Maintenance

Bandsaws like this Grizzly are designed for ease of use, excellent for beginners and pros alike. Its open frame stand provides extra stability so that even beginner users won’t have issues setting up or using the machine properly.

Cleanup is a breeze with its included 3/8″ blade, extruded aluminum fence, and miter gauge, which allow users to quickly switch out blades if they need different sizes or styles.


  • Powerful 1 HP motor with 11 Amps of power
  • Pre-wired 110V/220V compatibility
  • Precision cutting capabilities with HSS blade
  • Wide range of cutting materials
  • Maximum cutting height of 6 inches
  • Cast aluminum wheels for smooth operation
  • 4″ dust port for easy cleaning and dust collection


  • Motor is underpowered for cutting heavy materials

Comparison Chart for the Best Budget Bandsaw for Resawing

ProductBlade MaterialMotor PowerCutting speedCutting Angle
WEN3962High-Speed Steel‎3.5 AmpsTwo-speed0-45°
SKIL3386-01High-Speed Steel4.5 AmpsOne-speed
RIKON‎10-305High Carbon Steel‎3.5 AmpsOne-speed0-45°
JET710116K‎Iron1.25 HPTwo-speed0-45°
Delta‎28-400Metal, Steel9 AmpsTwo-speed0-90°
GrizzlyG0555High Speed Steel11 AmpsOne-speed0-90°

How to Choose the Best Bandsaw for Resawing Wood and Other Materials

blade drift

From resawing lumber to cutting curves and circles, a bandsaw is vital for any woodworker. Choosing the suitable bandsaw for your needs is essential for getting the most out of this power tool.

Here are things to look for when selecting the best band saw for resawing:

Bandsaw Power Rating

When selecting horizontal and vertical bandsaws, the first thing to consider is the power rating. Generally speaking, a higher power rating means that your saw will be better suited for resawing larger pieces of material and will require less time and effort when making cuts.

Look for a saw with at least 1-1.25HP, which should give you enough power to cut through most hardwoods and thicker pieces of lumber easily. For softer woods or thinner boards, you may opt for something with less power, but if you plan on doing a lot of resawing, it’s best to go with something close to 1HP.

Blade Speed and Size

The second thing to consider is blade speed and size. The blade speed determines how quickly it will rotate around its wheel while cutting through the material. This affects the wait time between each cut and how quickly it can cut large pieces of material down into smaller ones.

Also, the blade size plays an important role. Wider blades mean more teeth per inch (TPI), increasing accuracy but decreasing speed, whereas narrower blades mean fewer TPI but have higher speeds in return. So decide whether accuracy or speed is more important for your project before committing to either type.

Retractable Blade Guides

Retractable blade guides are essential in any good quality bandsaw because they provide support while cutting and help keep the blade from bending or slipping off course during use.

They come in adjustable or fixed varieties; adjustable retractable guides can be moved along different points on your workpiece, while fixed ones cannot. This means they won’t always fit perfectly, depending on the type of material you are working with.

It’s always best practice to use adjustable retractable guides whenever possible, as they offer much better control over where your cuts will be made than their fixed counterparts.

Guide Wheels

best width bandsaw blade

Guide wheels are also necessary for precision work on a bandsaw. These small wheels help direct excess dust away from your workpiece while allowing you greater control over where each cut goes without constantly re-positioning yourself around the saw.

This makes them especially useful when performing intricate work like curved cuts or detailed carvings. Look for models equipped with two guide wheels instead of one. No matter how hard you push, both wheels stay firmly planted on the surface, ensuring maximum stability.

Resaw Capacity

The first key factor to consider when selecting a bandsaw for resawing is its capacity. This refers to the maximum thickness the saw can accurately cut without requiring multiple passes or additional support.

A higher resaw capacity on a band saw means fewer passes are required to achieve the desired result. When looking at the specs of a particular model, check both the height between the table and blade (the higher this number is, the greater bandsaw resaw capacity) and its motor’s horsepower rating.

Throat Capacity

The throat capacity of a band saw is another important measurement when considering which model to purchase for your needs. This is defined as the distance between blade guides and usually ranges from 12-14 inches on most models.

For making large curved objects such as bowls or vases, make sure you find one with enough space between those points so that size constraints won’t limit your finished product in terms of length or width.

Variable Speed

Another factor to consider when purchasing a band saw is whether or not it has variable speed control. Depending on the cut material and desired results, this can be useful. Variable speeds allow you to adjust motor power to make cuts slower or faster depending on material properties like thickness or hardness.

Look for models with adjustable electronic speed controllers or manual belt tensioners, which can provide finer control over how quickly blades rotate while cutting through different materials.

Frame Style

cast iron fence

This should be carefully considered when selecting a band saw. Different types offer varying durability and stability depending on use cases like frequent transport or heavy-duty operation in workshops. Most frames are either Made from Cast Iron or Steel.

Both offer advantages, but cast iron offers better vibration dampening due to its heavier weight, while steel provides greater strength over time due to its durability.

Before deciding, consider how much weight you would like your frame structure to bear without compromising stability. This way, you can find the best balance between portability and rigidity in your chosen model.

The Tabletop

Generally speaking, larger tables provide more stability when making long cuts as they offer more cutting surface area. Larger tables can also be used with large pieces of material that need to be cut into smaller pieces than a smaller table could accommodate.

Also, oversized tables are often easier to use as they have more room for accessories like fences and dust extraction ports, which can help increase accuracy and productivity.

Fence System

Another important consideration when buying a bandsaw is its fence system. Many fence systems come with adjustable stops that allow you to set exact measurements while cutting, making precise cuts quickly and efficiently without measuring each piece by hand.

A good fence system should also include a miter gauge that can be adjusted easily and accurately to make angled cuts efficiently. Also, look for features such as dual-position rip guides which can help guide longer pieces of material across the blade safely and smoothly.

Dust Extraction Port

Finally, the last essential factor when choosing a band saw is its dust extraction port or ports if it has them. This feature helps keep your work area clean by collecting all the dust produced during resawing in one place instead of leaving it scattered around the work area.

Look for models with dust extraction ports to ensure that all areas around your workspace are adequately covered and enough suction power is provided to collect sawdust particles effectively.

What are Size Band Saws Recommended for Small Furniture Shop Resaw?

What are Size Band Saws Recommended for Small Furniture Shop Resaw

When looking for a bandsaw to resaw small shop furniture, a 14” model is the minimum recommended size. With enough power and accuracy, it can successfully produce quality resawn pieces of furniture.

Also, ensure the bandsaw has enough horsepower and the blade tension and tracking are correctly adjusted to get clean cuts with minimal heat buildup.

What is the Best Resawing Bandsaw Blade Width?

When selecting the perfect blade width for resawing, 1/2 inch width bandsaw blade is a great option. This blade width offers an optimal balance between cutting power and accuracy when performing re-sawing operations.

It is also important to note that wider blades can be used for larger timbers, but they will require more horsepower from your bandsaw motor and may not provide as precise of a cut as a 1/2-inch blade would.

What Type of Bandsaw Blade is Best for Resawing?

What Type of Bandsaw Blade is Best for Resawing

Flex-back or hard-back blades are best for resawing because they stay rigid and don’t flex as easily as other blades. Their rigid construction allows for more accurate cuts, reduces heat buildup in the blade, minimizes vibration, and helps prevent kickback when making long rip cuts on thicker boards.

They also work well with softer woods such as pine, spruce, cedar, etc., as they don’t require too much pressure to cut through them.

How Much Horsepower Do You Need to Resaw With a Bandsaw?

For successful resawing with a bandsaw, you will need at least 3/4 or 1 HP bandsaw, depending on the thickness of the material and how deep you will be cutting into them (or how thick your boards are).

Higher horsepower models may be needed to increase your cutting speed or to cut harder materials like hardwoods or exotic woods that require extra power to cut through them smoothly without stalling out often.

Crafting Perfection: Pick the Ultimate Bandsaw for Resawing

Crafting Perfection: Pick the Ultimate Bandsaw for Resawing

Choosing the best bandsaw for resawing is essential if you want great results from your resaw wood projects. The right one should have a powerful motor, an adjustable fence, an onboard measuring guide, a sliding miter gauge, and a dust collection port.

So, it’s essential to research before purchasing to ensure that your bandsaw meets all these criteria and will last. Investing in quality tools is always worth it in the long run, and having the right tools makes all the difference when working on resaw wood projects.

Although all those products described above can help you make precise cuts, the WEN 10 bandsaw for resawing is the best pick for any woodworker looking to do delicate resawing projects. With its powerful motor and adjustable features, this bandsaw ensures accurate and precise results every time.

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