14 Inch Bandsaw

Best 14 Inch Bandsaw: 5 Picks

When woodworking, a reliable bandsaw is a must-have tool and a 14-inch bandsaw is a versatile machine that can handle various wood cutting tasks with ease. But with so many options available, choosing one can take time and effort.

If you want the best 14-inch bandsaw, consider the blade material suitable for your project. Also, you need to check the motor power to handle any job. It’s advisable to have a motor with at least 1 HP so you can easily cut through different materials.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best 14-inch bandsaws on the market. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this list will cover you. So read on to find out the perfect tool for your woodworking needs.

Grizzly Industrial G0555-14″ 1 HP Bandsaw
  • 110v and 220v compatibility
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Computer-balanced aluminum wheels
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum wheels
  • Urethane tires
  • 6″ maximum cutting height
RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw
  • 1-3/4HP powerful motor
  • Dual voltage 115/230 setup
  • Two adjustable blade speeds
  • Spring-loaded tool-less blade guides
  • Quick-lock table trunnion system
  • Extra tall rip fence
JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Woodworking Bandsaw, 1-1/4 HP, 1Ph 115/230V
  • Upper and lower cast iron frame
  • Quick-release blade tension lever
  • Two speeds with poly v belt drive system
  • Easy-to-view blade tracking window
  • Built-in retractable blade guards

Best 14 Inch Bandsaw: My Five Recommendations

A high-quality 14-inch bandsaw can make all the difference in your woodworking projects. Here are my top 5 choices for 14-inches bandsaws:

  • Grizzly industrial 14-Inch bandsaw for woodworkers
  • Rikon 14″ deluxe bandsaw power tool
  • Jet 14-inch pro woodworking resawing bandsaw
  • Grizzly industrial extreme series resaw bandsaw
  • Delta 14-inch 1 hp steel frame bandsaw

01. Grizzly Industrial 14-Inch Bandsaw for Woodworkers

Grizzly Industrial G0555-14″ 1 HP Bandsaw
  • 110v and 220v compatibility
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Computer-balanced aluminum wheels
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum wheels
  • Urethane tires
  • 6″ maximum cutting height

When searching for one of the best 14 bandsaws, I came across the Grizzly G0555, a top-of-the-line tool for any woodworking enthusiast. With its 1hp motor and 1500 to 3200 FPM blade speed settings, this bandsaw offers powerful cutting performance and accuracy that can make any project a breeze.

Cast-Iron Frame and Computer-Balanced Wheels

One of the standout features of the Grizzly G0555 I’ve noticed is its cast-iron frame, which provides maximum stability during operation. This heavy-duty frame keeps the bandsaw steady even during heavy-duty cuts, allowing for precise and accurate results every time.

In addition, the computer-balanced aluminum wheels mounted on urethane tires help reduce vibration, ensuring that cuts are clean and smooth without wobbling or interference.

High-Speed Steel Blade Material

The Grizzly 14-inch bandsaw features a high-speed steel blade that delivers unbeatable sharpness, making it perfect for cutting through tough materials like hardwoods and plastics. And with an adjustable guide and thrust bearings, this bandsaw makes it easy to make precision cuts without fuss.

Max Cutting Height of 6” for Big Projects

With a maximum cutting height of six inches and a 4″ dust port for easy clean-up, the Grizzly G0555 is ideal for even the most challenging woodworking projects.

Whether you’re cutting intricate designs into thick pieces or slicing through stacks of planks, I assure you this bandsaw delivers reliable performance every time. This band saw also boasts a miter gauge, extruded aluminum fence, and fast-release blade tension lever for easy adjustments.

Grizzly Industrial 14-Inch Bandsaw for Woodworkers

T-Shaped Fence Design and Open Frame Stand

The sturdy T-shaped fence design of the Grizzly G0555 offers superior accuracy when making cuts, while its open frame stand provides stability during usage. I believe that this design ensures that your cuts are precise and accurate every time, no matter the size or complexity of the project.

👍 Good Things:
♥ Powerful 1hp motor and versatile speed settings
♥ Computer-balanced wheels for stability and accuracy
♥ Unbeatable sharpness thanks to high-speed steel blade material
♥ Maximum cutting height of 6 inches for big projects
♥ T-shaped fence and open frame stand for precision

👎 Deficiencies:
⊗ Possible tensioning mechanism problems after long-term use

02. Rikon 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw Power Tool

RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw
  • 1-3/4HP powerful motor
  • Dual voltage 115/230 setup
  • Two adjustable blade speeds
  • Spring-loaded tool-less blade guides
  • Quick-lock table trunnion system
  • Extra tall rip fence

Rikon 14″ Bandsaw is an outstanding power tool for beginners and professionals. With its powerful motor, innovative features, and unparalleled versatility, I can tell you it delivers precise, efficient, and safe cuts every time.

Motor Power and Speed

The powerful motor of the Rikon 10-326 Deluxe 14″ Bandsaw is the standout feature of this tool. It has a powerful 1-3/4HP motor that allows it to cut through tough materials with ease. This motor provides ample power to tackle even the toughest projects.

Also, its dual voltage 115/230 setup allows you to switch between different voltages according to your needs, which is very convenient. The two adjustable blade speeds (2,950 or 1,445 ft/min) are also a plus, giving maximum control over your material during delicate cuts.

Innovative Features That Simplify Your Work

In my eyes, the Rikon 10-326 Deluxe 14″ Bandsaw stands out from the competition for its innovative features. The spring-loaded tool-less guides make changing blades easy and quick adjustments easy.

Also, the quick-adjust rip fence allows you to make accurate drift corrections, while the quick-lock table trunnion system allows for fast angle changes. These features give you greater flexibility and control, making your job easier and more efficient.

An Extra Tall Fence for Added Support

This 14″ Bandsaw boasts a tall fence that supports your back when making long cuts or multiple cuts from thicker stock material. The fence gives you added stability and safety when operating at full capacity, preventing any accidents or mishaps from happening.

Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaw Power Tool

Unparalleled Versatility in a Single Tool

The Rikon bandsaw is not just for woodcutting. It can also cut through non-ferrous metals like aluminum and plastics and composites like PVC and fiberglass. With this bandsaw, you can easily and confidently tackle various projects, from simple carpentry to complex automotive parts fabrication.

👍 Good Things:
♥ Two adjustable blade speeds for greater versatility
♥ Spring-loaded tool less blade to easily change blades
♥ Quick-adjust rip fence for fast and accurate ripping
♥ Easy-to-adjust quick-lock table trunnions
♥ Extra tall for extra support when cutting bigger pieces
♥ Unparalleled versatility in a single tool

👎 Deficiencies:
⊗ Assembling may be a little bit tricky for some people.

03. Jet 14-Inch Pro Woodworking Resawing Bandsaw

JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Woodworking Bandsaw, 1-1/4 HP, 1Ph 115/230V
  • Upper and lower cast iron frame
  • Quick-release blade tension lever
  • Two speeds with poly v belt drive system
  • Easy-to-view blade tracking window
  • Built-in retractable blade guards

While searching for a new bandsaw to add to my woodworking tools, I came across the Jet pro resawing bandsaw. From what I discovered, it seemed like it could be a great addition to your workbench.

Increased Strength & Rigidity

Jet 14-inch resawing bandsaw boasts an improved cast iron frame for increased strength and rigidity, making it a durable machine in your workshop. This feature is essential for those who work on large and detailed woodworking projects.

Blade Material & Cutting Capacity

The 105-inch iron blade and a 13.5-inch wide by 12-inch high cutting capacity enable you to make larger cuts easily. Its two-speed poly v belt drive system provides better control, no matter what material you work with.

Longer Blade Life & Convenience

An upper and lower ball bearing guides provide convenience while increasing the blade’s lifespan. I was happy to discover the quick-release blade tension lever, which made adjustments on the fly more manageable, saving time in the long run.

Jet 14-Inch Pro Woodworking Resawing Bandsaw

Safety Features Galore

I was pleased with the built-in retractable blade guards, as they protect you during operation and add to the machine’s overall safety. The clearly visible blade tracking window is another great feature, enabling you to monitor the operation easily.

Finally, the handy storage compartment with shelves keeps everything organized in one place, making it easier to find everything you need.

👍 Good Things:
♥ Durable cast-iron frame
♥ Increased strength and rigidity
♥ High-tension spring for smoother blade tensioning
♥ Quick-release blade tension lever for convenience
♥ Convenient storage compartment with shelves

👎 Deficiencies:
⊗ Blade tensioning may be challenging

4. Grizzly Industrial Extreme Series Resaw Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0555XH – 14″ 1-3/4 HP Extreme Series Resaw Bandsaw
  • 1.75HP corded electric motor
  • CSA-certified and ISO 9001 factory construction
  • 12″ resawing capacity
  • Quick-release blade tensioning
  • Ball-bearing blade guides
  • Sturdy cast iron frame

In my opinion, finding the perfect tools for a woodworking project can be challenging. Therefore, the Grizzly industrial 1-3/4 HP extreme series resaw bandsaw is a powerful, heavy-duty tool that promises precise, intricate cuts for your projects.

Powerful Motor and Blade

One of the primary features that caught my attention was the powerful electric motor of the Grizzly industrial bandsaw.

The 1.75 HP corded electric motor delivers enough strength to cut through hardwoods, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time. Moreover, the blade speed of 3000 FPM promises fast and smooth cuts, saving time and effort.

12″ Resawing Capacity and Stability

This bandsaw offers a 12″ resawing capacity, which means you can easily handle most projects. The heavy-duty cast iron frame and stand provide excellent stability, allowing accurate, steady, and smooth cutting. These factors are especially crucial when dealing with intricate and precise woodworking cuts.

Adjustable Features for Increased Precision

Crafting something special requires precision, and Grizzly has ensured you have as much control as possible. The adjustable saw fence scale and magnifying window allow precise fine-tuning of the blade’s lead. The Extruded Aluminum reservoir fence and Miter Gauge are great additions that improve operations.

Grizzly Industrial Extreme Series Resaw Bandsaw

Easy Dust Collection and Re-Sawing

The Grizzly Industrial HP Extreme Series Resaw Bandsaw includes a 4″ dust port that effectively collects dust generated during cutting.

Moreover, the quick-release blade tensioning allows you to tension the blade quickly. You also get a ball-bearing blade guide that makes it easier to cut through thick materials with minimal difficulty.

👍 Good Things:
♥ Powerful motor cuts through hardwoods with ease
♥ Strong cast iron frame and stand for stability
♥ 4” dust port for easy dust collection
♥ Quick-release blade tensioning lets you tension the blade quickly
♥ Ball-bearing blade guides to ensure accurate cuts every time

👎 Deficiencies:
⊗ It doesn’t come with an instruction manual

05. Delta 14-inch 1 HP Steel Frame Bandsaw

Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw
  • Robust steel frame construction
  • Powerful 1 HP TEFC motor
  • 2-speed cutting settings
  • Precision-balanced rubber-coated wheels
  • Toolless belt tensioning system
  • Five ball-bearing blade guides

In my findings, the Delta 14-inch 1 HP Steel Frame Bandsaw is a standout piece of equipment for any workshop. With its sturdy steel frame design, high-powered motor, and precision blade guides, this bandsaw is a reliable choice for all cutting projects.

Robust Steel Frame Design

The heavy-duty steel frame of the Delta 14-inch bandsaw is a standout feature that provides stability and accuracy, essential for producing precise cuts. Additionally, the aluminum trunnion table support promises a long-lasting cutting performance for all types of cutting materials, from wood to metal to plastic.

High-Powered Motor & Speed Options

One of the essential features of the Delta bandsaw I noticed is its powerful 1 HP TEFC motor which can provide two-speed options of 1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM. The two-speed pulley system allows tension adjustment, allowing the user to optimize the cutting process for the cut material.

Precision Balanced Wheels & Oversized Table

Rubber-coated wheels on the bandsaw allow for smooth operation, maximizing control over cut pieces. The cast-iron, oversized table provides extra support when working with longer materials or making longer cuts. Additionally, the T-slot miter capability enhances the user’s ability to make angled cuts easily.

Precision Ball-Bearing Blade Guides

This 14-inch bandsaw has five highly accurate ball-bearing blade guides, ensuring increased stability for precise results. Its advanced toolless belt tensioning system makes changing blades a breeze, so you don’t have to interrupt your workshop workflow.

Delta 14-inch 1 HP Steel Frame Bandsaw

Good Cutting Capacity & Durability

Its cutting capacity of up to 13-5/8 inches wide by 6 inches high makes it a versatile tool to tackle almost any project. With its superior engineering and quality construction, this compact yet powerful machine is guaranteed to provide reliable service for a long time.

👍 Good Things:
♥ Robust steel frame design for stability and accuracy
♥ Precision-balanced wheels for smooth operation
♥ Five high-precision ball-bearing blade guides for precise results
♥ Tool-less belt tensioning system for easy blade replacement
♥ Wide cutting capacity for versatility

👎 Deficiencies:
⊗ The sliding bracket may be prone to breaking after prolonged use

Comparison Chart for the Best 14 Inch Bandsaw for Woodworking

Product NameBlade MaterialMotor PowerCutting CapacityBlade speeds
GrizzlyG0555High-Speed Steel1 HP6 Inches Height1500 & 3200 FPM
RIKON 10-326Metal1-3/4HP13-⅝ inch wide and 13 inch high‎2949 FPM
Jet710116KIron1Ph 115/230V13.5 inches wide and 12 inches height1500/3000 SFPM
GrizzlyG0555XHHigh Speed Steel1.75 HP12 inch height3000 FPM
Delta28-400Metal, Steel1 HP13-⅝ inch wide by 6 inch high1620 FPM and 3340 FPM

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best 14-inch Band Saw

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best 14-inch Band Saw

If you want a 14″ bandsaw to tackle challenging projects, check out my following guide to finding the right saw for the job. From power ratings and blade materials to cutting capacity and speed selection, I’ll share all the info on what to consider when shopping for the best band saw.

1. Blade Material

Before getting a 14-inch bandsaw, I suggest you carefully consider the blade material that will suit your project. With a wide range of 14-inch bandsaw blades, it’s essential to ensure you get the right one for your project.

I highly recommend high-speed steel blades since they offer optimal durability for frequent saw use. You can also check the number of teeth per inch (TPI) on the saw blade.

The higher the TPI, the finer the cut. A lower TPI produces a deeper finish and is used for larger objects. With so many options, pick a saw that has a high-speed steel blade and your desired TPI range.

2. Motor Power

Don’t let your 14-inch bandsaw bog down. Make sure it has plenty of power to tackle any job. I think a bandsaw with a motor power of at least 1 HP is recommended to cut through different materials easily.

Higher-powered models provide even greater cutting capacity, allowing for smoother cuts in harder materials like metals or exotic woods. If you need extra power beyond 1 HP, I suggest you look for models that offer higher voltage motors with higher amp ratings.

3. Cutting Capacity

Cutting Capacity

Choosing the correct bandsaw requires careful consideration of cutting capacity, including width and height measurements. Study each model’s specifications to get the exact width and height necessary for your project.

Some models may offer varied measurements, such as 6 inches height, 13-5/8″ wide and 13″ high; 12 inches height and 13.5 inches wide; 12 inches height; 13-5/8” wide and 6” high.

Accurately selecting the right size of bandsaw allows you to make fewer mistakes while completing a project quickly, with better results. Double-check your final choice before buying so that your saw meets all your needs.

4. Table and Fence

When selecting a 14-inch bandsaw for optimal performance, I recommend a precision cast-iron table with durability and stability. Also, the fence and miter gauge should be extruded aluminum for more precise cuts with repeatable results.

To ensure precision when cutting, look for a bandsaw with a fence scale featuring a magnifying window, which will provide easy adjustments. Combining these features will help you achieve accuracy and safety each time you use your bandsaw.

5. Blade Guides

To maximize the life of your bandsaw blade and ensure optimal performance, ensure it has both upper and lower ball-bearing blade guides. This helps keep the blade stable, reducing vibration and improving accuracy when cutting through tough materials.

Also, ball bearing guides reduce friction on the blade, which helps reduce heat buildup during extended use periods, prolonging the life of your saw’s motor and its blade.

6. Blade Speed

When choosing a 14-inch bandsaw, consider blade speed or the number of feet per minute the blade moves. I’m convinced that choosing one with variable blade speed is recommended, as this will allow you to adjust the speed depending on what material you are cutting.

Common ranges of blade speeds for a bandsaw range from 1500-3340 FPM. If you plan on cutting different types of materials, look for one with a wide range of speeds so you can adjust it accordingly. Otherwise, you risk damaging the blade or your working piece.

7. Dust Port

Dust Port

Another important feature to consider when buying a bandsaw is whether or not it has a dust port. As far as I can tell, a dust collection port is essential for keeping your workspace clean and efficient.

Look for one that has at least a 4-inch dust port. This size ensures that your sawdust is collected quickly and efficiently without compromising performance.

8. Storage Cabinet 

A storage cabinet is another great feature of 14-inch bandsaws. Extra storage space is useful when organizing accessories and tools using the band saw.

This way, everything is kept nearby and within reach, so you don’t have to search around the workshop when something isn’t where it should be. Also, ensure the cabinet is durable enough to handle all your equipment safely and securely.

9. Blade Tension

Check for a quick-release blade tension system when shopping for a 14-inch bandsaw. This makes changing band saw blades and adjusting the tension much easier and faster compared to manually tightening them up every time.

A quick-release system also helps ensure that each cut is precise and accurate, no matter the material you are working with.

10. Wheel Balance

When choosing a bandsaw, wheel balance should be given careful consideration. I believe quality wheels can make a huge difference in your results, as they’re essential for accurate cuts and reduced vibration.

Rubber-coated precision-balanced wheels are a great way to start, as this combination works to minimize vibrations. If perfection is the goal and you want to take your results up a notch, look for computer-balanced cast iron wheels. This premium model will further reduce vibration.

What size blade does a 14-inch bandsaw take?

What size blade does a 14-inch bandsaw take

If you’re wondering what size blade a 14-inch bandsaw takes, the answer is typically a 93 1/2 inches long blade. However, I advise you to note that this can vary depending on the make and model of your specific bandsaw.

Some models may require a different size blade, such as a 105-inch or 111-inch blade. Selecting the right size blade for your bandsaw is crucial, as a blade that is too big or too small can cause malfunctions.

To determine the exact blade size for your bandsaw, check the manual that came with it or contact the manufacturer directly.

What’s the thickest wood you can cut with a 14-inch bandsaw?

What's the thickest wood you can cut with a 14-inch bandsaw

The maximum wood thickness that a 14-inch bandsaw can cut is about 6 inches. This is generally the maximum thickness that you’ll be able to handle with a standard 14-inch bandsaw.

If you need to cut thicker materials, you may want to consider investing in a larger industrial bandsaw capable of handling much thicker pieces of wood.

Of course, the specific thickness you can cut will depend on the power of your bandsaw and the type of blade you’re using. However, as a rule of thumb, a 14-inch bandsaw is best suited for cutting pieces of wood that are no thicker than 6 inches.

Choose the Perfect 14-inch Bandsaws for Precise Woodworking 

A 14-inch bandsaw is an essential tool for any woodworking enthusiast or professional. By considering factors such as blade material, motor power, cutting capacity, and wheel balance, you can narrow your choices to the top 5 14-inch bandsaws.

We hope this article has given you valuable insights into each of the top contenders and has helped you make an informed decision about your next purchase. Consider your needs, budget, and preferences when selecting a bandsaw.

It is true that all the bandsaws discussed above are excellent, but the Grizzly industrial 14-inch bandsaw truly stands above the rest. This bandsaw offers powerful performance and accuracy with a 1hp motor and 3200 FPM blade speed settings.

Grizzly Industrial G0555-14″ 1 HP Bandsaw
  • 110v and 220v compatibility
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Computer-balanced aluminum wheels
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum wheels
  • Urethane tires
  • 6″ maximum cutting height

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