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Kreg vs Carter Bandsaw Fence: 5 Key Differences

A bandsaw fence is a key component of any woodworking setup, providing precision and accuracy during cutting operations. While various options are available, I found that many woodworking enthusiasts use Kreg and Carter bandsaw fences. 

That’s why I researched both brand’s bandsaw fences and found some key differences worth discussing. Based on my research, the differences between the Kreg and Carter bandsaw fences highlight distinct approaches to material, build quality, adjustment mechanisms, compatibility, ease of removal and reassembly, and pricing. 

The Kreg fence utilizes heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, providing stability and durability. On the other hand, the Carter fence features a magnetic design with switchable magnets. 

I will discuss all the differences between these two bandsaw fences that help you determine which one is right for your woodworking needs.

Kreg KMS7200 Precision Band Saw Fence – Workbench Accessory – Workbench Rail – Fits Most Band Saws
  • Precise blade drift adjustment for accuracy
  • Mounts on most 14″ band saws
  • Adjustable for blade drift and perpendicularity
  • Premium anodized aluminum construction
  • Includes heavy-duty trak for stability
CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence
  • Universal Fit on Metal Tables
  • 16″ L-shaped Aluminum Extrusion
  • Switchable Magnets for Precision
  • Easily Removable for Versatility
  • Compatible with MAGFENCE II Accessories

5 Key Differences Between Kreg and Carter Bandsaw Fence

The differences I have found between the Kreg and Carter bandsaw fences fall into the following categories:

  • Material and build quality
  • Adjustment mechanism
  • Compatibility with bandsaw models
  • Ease of removal and reassembly
  • Pricing and optional accessories

1. Material and Build Quality

Regarding construction and design, notable differences exist between the Kreg and Carter bandsaw fences.

The Kreg bandsaw fence is constructed using heavy-duty aluminum extrusions for both the fence and mounting rail. This rigid L-shaped extrusion provides stability during operations, contributing to the fence system’s overall build quality and durability.

On the other hand, the Carter bandsaw fence is specifically designed for ferrous metal tables and utilizes switchable magnets for attachment. The fence itself is made of robust materials to ensure stability and longevity. 

The magnetic design provides a different attachment method for those with ferrous metal tables. These differences in material and build quality highlight each bandsaw fence’s unique features and capabilities.

2. Adjustment Mechanism

The adjustment mechanisms of the Kreg and Carter bandsaw fences differ significantly. With the Kreg Bandsaw Fence, it is possible to adjust both vertically and horizontally, giving the user greater flexibility in positioning the bandsaw.

It features a Precision Lens Cursor that ensures accurate measurements, enhancing precision in woodworking tasks.

Conversely, the Carter Bandsaw Fence utilizes a magnetic design with switchable magnets for quick adjustments. This magnetic attachment simplifies the adjustment process, offering a different mechanism compared to traditional bolt-on fences. 

Also, the F.A.S.T. Fence Alignment System Tool provided by Carter aids in achieving parallel positioning to the blade, further enhancing accuracy.

These distinct adjustment mechanisms contribute to each bandsaw fence option’s unique features and capabilities.

3. Compatibility With Bandsaw Models

The Kreg and Carter bandsaw fences differ in their compatibility with bandsaw models, providing users with options based on their specific needs and equipment.

The Kreg Bandsaw Fence is designed to fit various 14-inch bandsaws, including models from Delta, Jet, General, Ridgid, and Grizzly. This wide compatibility makes it a versatile accessory for users with different bandsaw brands.

Conversely, the Carter Bandsaw Fence features a universal magnetic design that’s compatible with any ferrous metal table of any size. This universal compatibility makes it a suitable choice for users with different bandsaw models and sizes. 

4. Ease of Removal and Reassembly

Ease of Removal and Reassembly

Compared to the Kreg bandsaw fence, the Carter bandsaw fence offers even greater ease of removal and reassembly.

The Kreg Bandsaw Fence is known for its tool-free removal, which is convenient for transitioning to a low-profile position or adjusting the bandsaw setup.

However, the Carter Bandsaw Fence takes it a step further with its magnetic design, allowing for quick removal without needing any tools.

This feature allows users to transition between different equipment or configurations in their workspace easily.

Whether you need to change the position of the fence or switch it out for a different one, the Carter Bandsaw Fence makes the process effortless and efficient.

5. Pricing and Optional Accessories

To explore the pricing and optional accessories for the Kreg and Carter Bandsaw Fence, let’s explore their respective offerings.

The Kreg Precision Bandsaw Fence is priced at around $109.99, making it a budget-friendly option for woodworkers seeking improved accuracy and versatility. 

Kreg also offers optional accessories like the Precision Micro-Adjuster and Re-Saw Guide, which come at reasonable prices, allowing users to expand the fence’s functionality without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, the Carter Magfence II is priced at $205.00, reflecting its magnetic design and universal fit. Carter offers additional optional accessories, including sacrificial wear fences for specific applications. 

The Magfence II Next Gen Magnetic Fence is priced at $139.95, and the F.A.S.T. Fence Alignment System Tool is available for $59.95. Please note that the prices of these products may be subject to change.

Comparison Chart Between Kreg and Carver Bandsaw Fences

AspectsKreg Bandsaw FenceCarter Bandsaw Fence
Material and Build QualityHeavy-duty aluminum extrusions for stabilitySpecifically designed for ferrous metal tables, magnetic attachment
Adjustment MechanismVertical and horizontal adjustments, Precision Lens Cursor for accuracyMagnetic design with switchable magnets, F.A.S.T. Fence Alignment System Tool for parallel positioning
Compatibility With Bandsaw ModelsFits various 14-inch bandsaws from different brandsUniversal magnetic design for any ferrous metal table size
Ease of Removal and ReassemblyTool-free removal for convenienceMagnetic design for quick removal without tools, efficient transitions
CostBudget-friendlySlightly higher price

Does the kreg bandsaw fence address the issue of blade drift?

Kreg precision bandsaw fence effectively mitigates blade drift in bandsaw cutting and stands out as a good quality fence. This fence provides a practical solution for compensating for blade drift, ensuring that your cuts are accurate and precise.

The adjustability of the Kreg bandsaw fence is crucial for woodworkers who desire improved control over their cuts, especially when working on intricate woodworking tasks. 

Addressing blade drift, the Kreg bandsaw fence contributes to a smoother and more reliable cutting experience. It is a valuable accessory for enhancing the accuracy of your bandsaw operations.

Does the carter magfence II work with non-ferrous metal bandsaw tables?

The Magfence II is specifically designed for ferrous metal bandsaw tables, and its magnetic design ensures secure attachment, release, and adjustment.

However, the magnetic system is unsuitable if you have a non-ferrous metal table. In such cases, alternative solutions should be explored to ensure proper functionality in your woodworking setup. 

You need to check the compatibility of the bandsaw fence with your specific table material to avoid any issues or limitations. Considering this will help you make an informed decision and choose the right bandsaw fence for your needs.

Decide the Right Bandsaw Fence Between Kreg and Carter for Your Woodworking Needs

Choosing between the Kreg and Carter Bandsaw Fences ultimately depends on your specific woodworking needs and equipment. Consider the differences that I have shared, from material and build quality to adjustment mechanisms, compatibility, ease of removal, and pricing. 

If you prioritize stability and durability, the Kreg fence, with its heavy-duty aluminum construction, may be ideal. Alternatively, the magnetic design of the Carter fence offers quick adjustments and universal compatibility. 

Whether addressing blade drift or opting for easy removal, both options cater to distinct preferences. Evaluate your priorities and budget to find the bandsaw fence that aligns perfectly with your woodworking aspirations.

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